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GCF was born out of deep love and passion for movies. A new-age video production company that loves telling stories through their cinematic films. We produce digital and TV commercials for brands with our in-house team of writers and film production team, giving an edge to our clients with our unique story telling. We love it! GCF is now venturing into producing feature films, documentaries  and web-shows. Stay tuned!



The Song We Sang Aarti Neharsh
Minimal Time Travel Promo Movie Poster.png

Director: Aarti Neharsh

Type: Short Film

Status: Releasing on OTT, January 2023

Producer: Rahul Tejwani, Green Chutney Films

Director: Chintan Bhatt

Type: Feature Film

Status: In Production

Producer: Rahul Tejwani, Green Chutney Films

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