Rahul Tejwani

Co-founder & producer at GCF. Loves gadgets, playing basket ball, fixing broken things, reading about cognitive science/machine learning. When not working you’ll often find Rahul trail running or walking his mildly aggressive furbaby, Bailey.


Chintan Bhatt

He pretends to manage content at GCF, but secretly, he is a vampire whose blood is First malt. Writes, directs & procrastinates. Co-founder and creative producer at GCF.


Manan Bhatt

Film editor at heart, Manan loves listening to stories & discovering photo-essays. Co-founder and creative producer at GCF.



Manashree Jani

The person to call to get things done. She is a killer baker. She has broad palette as she handles casting, PR & manages production. Three words to describe her? Selfless, supportive, sincere & maybe just a little bit sappy.

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Aarti Neharsh

When not seen next to the director, and practically running the set, you'll often spot our DA ordering her weekly stock of cheese masala pavs as she ideates on new sketches. Pairing her formal attire with funky, torn socks is her definition of 'cool'.


Nikhil Sanchaniya

The editor extraordinaire at GCF, who is known the most for his humility. Chooses his words as carefully as he uses his editing expertise to refine awesome content.




Editor and production at GCF 
Devourers content like hotcakes,Has an unhealthy lust for nature, adventure sports, stories and documentaries.
You will mostly find this creature explaining with the utmost passion his unique take on how things that just blow his mind about the world we live in.