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Case Study

Green Chutney, matlab sab easy!

what we got:

Berger Express Painting aimed to transform the house painting experience.


In a world where booking a cab or ordering food became effortless with a tap on your phone, they wanted to eliminate the hassles associated with painting. 

The challenge was to communicate the diverse services offered in a fun, engaging manner and create a story that people could connect with.

The heart of our service:


The heart of our story:


Cue, our campaign line-  Matlab sab easy.

Grab from Film

Instead of the typical ad formula where a problem is presented first and then the product swoops in as the hero, we decided to flip the script.


Our approach?

Drop the product right into the middle of where it's needed.

Our Setup:

 A hilarious showdown between  a boss and an employee  where the employee takes leave to get the house painted but turns it into a vacation, thanks to the smooth sailing experience with Berger.

This not only created a fun and suspenseful scenario that hooked people from the get-go but also allowed us to seamlessly weave in the features of Berger Express Painting. 

what we did:

a fun script meets

class aesthetics!

We don't leave anything to chance! 

We detail, we plan and make our clients experience a smooth execution. 

We rope in a top-notch cast who add that extra layer of humor taking the whole story to a whole new level. 

Zakir Hussain and Rajesh Sharma were a treat!

Storyboard of the film
Script to Screen
Storyboard of the film
Script to Screen
Storyboard of the film
Script to Screen

but wait a minute, 
here walls are the real heroes!


Grab from film
Grab from film

A-Z planning,
matlab shoot hoga easy!

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