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Case Study

The recipe to a viral chutney!

what we got:

Deep Pockets + Long Legacies = Total Market Dominance:

That’s what mCaffeine was up against. With the launch of its Choco Body Lotions, mCaffeine was entering a category dominated by classic retail brands and new-age giants.

Up until now, a body lotion was a body lotion was a body lotion. 

But mCaffeine is not just any other body lotion.

Product shot

what we did:

Test Shot
Final Shot

Our task was to come up with a 

clutter-breaking re-positioning of mCaffeine lotions for a target audience infamous for its lack of brand loyalty.


We know body lotions hydrate. We know they give you soft and smooth skin. We know they repair. And thanks to the new-age giants, we now know that body lotions offer clean-label benefits such as no parabens, animal testing, and nasties. But in addition to being all of the above,

Can a body lotion be the shared ethos that sparks a connection between two strangers?

Can a body lotion turn a sacred “me time” into a sexy “us time”?

Can a body lotion transform every moment into a special, intimate experience?

Cue, our tagline-  Irresistibly Smooth!


Because when you use mCaffeine Body Lotions, you get an irresistibly soft skin and have an aroma so tempting, that you can't help but get closer!


From an
idea to a film!

The execution team at GCF couldn't wait to get their hands dirty on this yummy script! We went all out!

00:00 / 00:32

O.G. music to mock edits 

Detail oriented that we are, we composed a sexy track, did a mock shoot  and churned out a viral campaign

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