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Ab Bachat hoga har rozz

what we got:

Generic medicines across brands have similar formulations.

Then is it fair for customers to pay unreasonably high prices offered by a brand when the same formulations are available at much lower prices with Zeelab Pharmacy?

Zeelab Pharmacy wanted people to rethink the exaggerated prices they pay on 

medicines and then offer a solution in their brand.


The challenge was to generate trust that Zeelab Pharmacy offers quality medicines at their non-escalated prices which are much lower. And to make this communication unforgettable and fun using a celebrity with a serious persona.

what we did:

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Our tagline- Dawa ka do Asli Daam!

A simple, straightforward yet effective tagline of - Dawa ka do Asli Daam - brought the focus on Zeelab’s intent of selling medicines at their  actual prices, making audiences rethink if the prices they pay are fair.

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